„The success of a company is the sum total of the successes of all its employees.“
(Jörg Rieder)
Breilmann US LLC
2021 8th Street
USA-Tuscaloosa 35401
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Cell: +1 205 799 6180
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>NORMALLY, YOUR WORKPLACE is on site with the customer. Partnership in integrated teams gives you great opportunity to develop your skills and the network necessary to be really close to the customer.

>WE REQUIRE HIGH STANDARDS of social and emotional skills. This model relies on great trust in our employees, it gives them flexibility and the freedom to make decisions, and it also provides a feeling of belonging and of sharing a vision. These principles are the foundation of our corporate philosophy.

> „We were awarded the quality label "Fair Company", an initiative of "Karriere", a German employment and economics magazine. This confirms our principles are successful", Christian Borchers, CEO of Breilmann AG; reports.

> Our employees are people with great initiative and responsibility, and in our company they find exciting cross-disciplinary opportunities for assignments and development in all of Breilmann AG's core competency areas of Consulting and Engineering.