„Paths are made
by walking.“
(Franz Kafka)
Breilmann US LLC
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Imprint Legal Notice
„Defining the corporate philosophy can give you a headache. Every effort to define principles is already part of the philosophy itself, and every principle can only be as appropriate as far as it can be lived. Listing standards of ethics and morals is not enough. Rather we have to describe the way we deal with people. Breilmann AG people are distinguished by their ability to listen, to share knowledge and best practices, and to contribute this understanding to customer relationships characterized by trust. Being responsible for their own thinking and actions is another part of their role.

>I OWE A VALUABLE EXPERIENCE TO A CAPACITY BOTTLENECK, that made me join a team of employees, and work together with them as a project unit for a key account. During the intense cooperation, I noticed the spirit and the pleasure the employees have in contributing to a common target, and how they have full respect and mutual appreciation for each other. This made me realize, more than anything else, the unique corporate culture of Breilmann AG as lived by our staff from day to day.“
(Christian Borchers, CEO of Breilmann AG)