„Change is the only way to preserve values.“
(Richard Löwenthal)
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>„DISCOVERING NEW PATHS, allowing personal as well as technological development, and to merge this into the existing, healthy substance of our company is a great challenge. We face this challenge with great pleasure and commitment - every day", says Christian Borchers.

>OVER THE LAST 25 YEARS, Breilmann AG and its predecessors, has established and sustained its position on the market as a reliable partner in the logistics industry through well-founded knowledge, the highest quality standards, and long-term loyalty to customers. Clear competencies, versatile skills, and value-oriented corporate principles have been solid factors in this success. In 2005, Erik and Gabi Breilmann, then managing directors, who, in 1980 were among of the founders of what is today Breilmann AG, passed their responsibility into the capable hands of the new CEO Christian Borchers.

>INTENSELY CONCENTRATED on the core competencies of Consulting nd Engineering, Christian Borchers still targets growth. Today, BAG employs more than 50 people in 8 loc- ations all over Germany, in other European countries and the USA.