Having a clearly defined goal is half the work done.
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>TARGET VALUES FOR THE ASSEMBLY PROCESSES of future products are established through process and time analyses and through visualisation techniques. Tools and processes for assembly lines can then be defined well in advance. Quality control is enhanced by the monitoring and revision of the documentation to align it with current planning status.

>THROUGH A RANGE OF ANALYTICAL APPROACHES for example breakdown analysis, precision can be brought to the widest variety of customer processes by employees trained to perform their roles in a versatile manner and to fulfil the many different requirements of our customers.

As an independent service provider, Breilmann AG is able to respond flexibly and spontaneously thanks to the size of the company and the versatility of the employees. This helps us to provide the highest level of quality and to deliver on time. Experience acquired is added to the knowledge pool at Breilmann AG and is available for future challenges.

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